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Generous or Responsible: How do you know and why does it matter?

This past weekend, I graduated 9 new Reiki II practitioners.  This means that they have expanded their set of tools within the Usui System of Natural Healing.  It also means that they can hang a shingle in service to others.

Serving others is honorable and Reiki Events 054respected by most.  It is labeled as “selfless” and “kind.”  It is assumed that altruism and compassion are lighting the path.

Perhaps these things are true.  At the very least, these are the qualities we aspire to.

However, from where I sit, service is more complicated than altruism and true selflessness.

I see the complex web of personal psychology which has been woven by both nature and nurture.

I see cultural expectations of being “nice” interwoven with the tug-of-war between the guilt of not living up to the tribe’s teachings, and the innate desire to support one another.

I see mothers and fathers drained of all creativity and inspiration while shuttling children from sports to homework, keeping up the house, and giving their All at work.  There is nothing left to give.

Yet, when asked, who can say “no”?  Who can decline the request for help in the face of someone’s suffering?

Our lives are often described as hectic and out of balance.  We barely have the energy to breathe, let alone find nourishment and love plentiful enough to share and spare.

But we try.  Why?

Deep within the chasm of fast paced and busy, lies the glimmering jewel of wholeness.  We never completely forget our true nature.  We never fully disconnect from our humanity.

So, we pull up our boot straps and rise to the occasion.  We step into a facade of service while desperately wishing for just a few moments of quiet and stillness alone.

And we don’t even know it.  We don’t realize that we’re weary to the bone, depleted and dry.

Until we aren’t.  Until we’re so rested, rejuvenated, and at peace, that our hearts swell with the bliss that’s been missing.

From this new summit, we see the expanse of our lives below us and realize just how empty the cup had been.  Just how hard we tried to give all that we had, without noticing that we really had only crumbs to offer.

Now, from this full bellied place, we notice that our muscles are relaxed, a smile plays on our lips, and we are open.  Our hearts are truly full and ready to love without conditions.

In this place, there is no need to serve from a place of responsibility only.  Now, the cup runneth over and we give of ourselves generously.  In service to the greater good.  To a neighbor who’s lawn mower broke down.  To the grandmother who needs a cup of sugar.  To the child who last saw her father on isle 4.

Responsible has its place.  Without a sense of responsibility, we are left flailing and unable to take care of ourselves and our commitments.

Generosity serves all.  Generosity has wisdom and patience.  Generous knows when to say “yes” and when to find another way.

But how does one know which is which?  Within one’s own life?

Listen closely.  The muscles, the heart, and the breath have the keys to unlock this door.  Are they tight and constricted?  Is there hesitation, even in its most subtlest of forms?  Is anyone in this equation stifled or feeling guilty in any way?

Only generosity gives a feeling of space and clarity for all involved.

Generosity allows the other to open fully to receive the gifts with complete acceptance and gratitude.

Generosity allows the giver to feel at peace, and One with All.

It is true Generosity that strengthens community.