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Journey to Peru & Back

How was Peru?
People want to know.  What did you experience?  How did it feel?  What changed in you while you were there?

Some of these questions are easier to answer than others.  The simplest answer is, “It was amazing and so much fun!”  There were so many sites, sounds, people, lessons, and foods, but I think most of you are most interested in the deeper, soul-centered work.  This is what I brought back with me:

Peru April 2014 969

Intention for Big Changes Doesn’t Mean Visible Changes
I’ve had it!  No more.  I’m ready for big changes.  This was my warpath cry prior to my trip.  I was committed to getting out of my own way to make room for the Big Vision.  I was excited for an exotic escape from my own life into vast healing and inspiration.

Peru April 2014 923

I set myself up.  I went in with expectations that I would have a big a-ha and turn myself around.  Instead, I received a treasure chest filled with daily jewels of insight, shiny talismans of spiritual connectedness, and seeds to nurture.  Over time.  With consciousness and deliberate action.

Building up or Tearing Down?
Riding through the streets of Peru gave way to a world of earth toned buildings and colorful blankets used as backpacks.  One of the first things I noticed, however, were rows and rows of unfinished buildings.  Were they crumbling in disrepair or being built up?  I looked to the nearby buildings for the answer.  It was both.Peru April 2014 012

Hmm.   Much like life, I noticed.  Aspects of our inner were are long forgotten or abandoned and are now crumbling or waiting for our return.  Other aspects, like new hobbies or relationships, are being built new and strong.

Courage of the Puma
As the days passed, I noticed “courage” becoming a theme.  Courage to start.  Courage to keep going.  Courage to take another step.  Courage to stop.  Courage to change course.  Courage to say “yes.”  Courage to say ” no.”  Yes, it takes courage to have a vision, faith in oneself, and to take each step toward manifesting it in tangible form.  It is important to embrace the courage that burns within me and use it to propel me forward.

Peru April 2014 366
We’re More Alike than Not
Being in the high plains of Peru was a lot like being “home.”  It was home.  Everywhere we are, we are home.  Mountains, rivers, lakes, farmlands, sacred ruins, cars, bikes, traffic signs, breakfast, lunch and dinner…..Even with the newness of expansive terracing and earthen buildings, it felt so familiar.  I had to consciously recall the travel nurse’s warnings.  This place has different bugs and I might do well to be mindful of my exposure.

Peru April 2014 448
At the same time, people are just people.  We all create a life that includes necessities and pleasure.  We are social and spiritual.  We find our way in the world, sometimes bumping  into one another noticing how we’re so similar and yet so different at the same time.

Either way, I’m a part of something.  Across the globe, we have the same sense of what has meaning and purpose.  The only difference is that in one place it’s a Reiki treatment and in another it’s the opening of the 11 eyes.

I delighted in my own excitement every time I saw a bike. I reveled in the variety of bikes and their various uses.

Peru April 2014

Fertility Temple April 2014 1187

New hotel April 2014 199

Mi Familia Nueva
Look at you.  All 12 of you.  I have traveled through time and space with you over these past 9 days delving into the secrets of the Universe.  Now we are at the end of our journey and I must comfort my heart knowing that we will always be together even when we are apart.  My new family.

Peru April 2014 865