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Reiki for Love

Happy February!
Or is it?

This month is so focused on love that we’ve forgotten what it really means to us.  The shadow side of our hearts is laid bare.  In this raw and vulnerable place we fight against consumerism, coupling, and being with others.

But love is more than any of those things.

Love is in you, around you, and it IS you.

I know, I know.  This all sounds like bullsh** when you’re sitting inside of your shattered heart wanting what you don’t have or having what you don’t want.

What if it’s possible to shift out of the sh** and into the heart, your heart, that is whole and happy?

Here are a few paths that I’ve found to be fruitful in my own life (these are not endorsements – just resources that I’ve come across in my journey)….

The HeartMath Institute has some fascinating research about the expanded heart.  Really!  The heart’s electromagnetic field is HUGE!  And they have some nifty tools for connecting with your heart more often.  Learn more about it all here.

Healing Heartbreak
I learned about Ginette Paris’ work when I attended a training with her.  Her words spoke to my soul.  She holds a Ph.D. which means that she likes to study.  A Lot!  She wrote a fantastic book compiling years of heartbreak experience and research.  She shares symbolic approaches to healing the heartbreak of our lives.  Very useful and doable.  It turns out that she also has a website.

Loving Ourselves and Others
I quote Alison Armstrong All. The. Time.  Why?  Because she made me cry.  Two of her books brought me to tears because they touched my heart.  They taught me that the way I think and feel has everything to do with being a woman and nothing to do with being wrong.  Her mission is to help men and women understand each other no matter our reason for relating.  This helps us cooperate and thrive with co-workers, family members, friends, people we meet at the grocery store, acquaintances, and life partners.  Check out her website and see what you think.

Reiki for Love – SIMPLE Practices
tiny-pink-flowers.jpgHEAL THE HEART

Most certainly, each of us has wounds of the heart.  Reiki is very comforting and healing so that we can repair the holes and set down the burdens.  
* Complete a self-treatment focusing on the heart.  Place your loving hands there, offering compassion for the sadness within you.
* If you have symbols, use them to send Reiki to the source of the hurt.
* Apply Reiki to easily and frequently feel more and more love for yourself and others.

Complete a self-treatment, or activate Reiki to support you in a a meditation.  

* Set your intention to heal or strengthen an relationship.
* Alternatively, set your intention to help you find your soul mate(s), or soul family.
* Use the hand positions and symbols you know, or use your intution to guide you through your self treatment or meditation.
* Incorporate affirmations, toning/chanting, or prayers as you feel inspired.  Allow yourself to receive and feel inspired.

Where has your Love Path lead you?  I’d love to read about your favorite healing and love-strengthening practices and resources below.  Please comment!