Horses & Reiki

Both: Finding Your Voice & Heart

Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Heart

We live in a world where we’re desperately trying to reconnect with ourselves. We’ve disconnected from the soul-level experiences that feed us and nourish us. My passion is to find experiences that bring us back to ourselves, empower us to stand in our Truth, and create happy lives full of meaning and purpose.

I’m excited to collaborate with Amanda to bring Reiki and Horses together to reconnect us with the voice and the heart. Reiki and Horses will inspire us, give us feedback, provide clarity, and point us in the direction of our heart’s calling.

We will have an opportunity to come together in community, rise from the suppression to speak once again, and consciously create a life that we actually fall in love with.

Participate at the level that you’re comfortable with. Both Amanda and I can assist you if you decide to embrace your courage and step outside of your comfort zone. We’re in this together.

Attend one or both sessions in this 2 part series.
Aug 30 Part I: Finding Your Voice
Sept 6 Part II: Finding Your Heart

No Reiki training or horse experience needed.

Connecting with the space
Intention setting
Chakra Scan
Orientation to Horses
Time with Horses

There is no restroom facility at this location.
Water, soap and hand sanitizer are available, but no potty.
Closed toed shoes are critical.
Dress for the weather. (hats? layers?)
Drinking water is provided. (Thanks, Amanda!)

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Online or through Tracy.

TUITION: $35 for 1 event or $65 for both events
Submit tuition via PayPal (above) or contact Tracy with debit/credit card info and she will use Square for the transaction.

We will cap this workshop at 12 participants per event and this 2 part series will be cross-listed on Facebook, so be sure to submit your tuition to reserve your spot.

Attend one or both sessions in this 2 part series.
Aug 30 Part I: Finding Your Voice
Sept 6 Part II: Finding Your Heart

CONTACT: Tracy 801-631-9825


Amanda Speer, LCSW
Amanda’s passion is equine assisted learning. Here horses come into people’s lives bringing the opportunity for improved self-awareness, self-esteem and boundaries. Horse work provides real time, hands on access to our strengths and limitations. Amanda finds equine assisted learning to be an efficient form of change that ends up being a lot of fun too.

Horses are herd animals. This orientation means they have social characteristics similar to our own. They appreciate clear communication and can provide important feedback to us about our communications if we slow down and learn their lexicon.

Amanda believes most of us have strengths and capabilities we may not be utilizing to their full extent. Amanda sees equine assisted learning as a chance to build upon our existing resources while developing new skills and awareness. This strengths-based approach keeps the emphasis on moving toward what we want in life rather than dwelling on the pain that can keep us stuck.

Tracy L. Cash, LCSW, Reiki Master Teacher
Tracy walks with purpose, dedicated to a meaningful life. Her strong foundation of wellness practices includes 20 years of social work, 11 years of Jungian group work, 13 years of Usui Reiki, 4 years of Karuna® Reiki, Reiki Drumming, Reiki Sonics, spiritual practice and time in nature hiking/biking/climbing. she is currently pursuing Personal Fitness Trainer advanced certification and is passionate about teaching and mentoring. Tracy’s classes are empowering, educational, and transformative.