Charitable Giving

We’re In This Together
The mission of Sacred Mountain Healing Center (SMHC) is to support vibrant health, empowerment, and thriving community locally and globally.  Charitable giving, including sustainability practices, is one of the many ways in which we fulfill our mission.

Local Giving2013 Reiki share
Currently, SMHC contributes to the local community in 3 ways:  a monthly Introduction to Reiki, a quarterly Reiki Open House, and the new Reiki Community Clinic.  These events are affordable opportunities to learn about Reiki, and to access Reiki’s many benefits.

Introduction to Reiki
The monthly Introduction to Reiki satisfies curiosity, provides direction, and clears up myths related to the Usui System of Reiki.  Reiki is a natural method of healing and a non-religious spiritual practice.  This Intro covers Reiki’s history, benefits, uses, treatment protocols, training, and research.  Those in attendance also have the opportunity to experience Reiki directly.

Reiki Open House
The quarterly Open House is an informal way for people to learn about, and experience, Reiki.  It’s also a great way for the community to gather with like-minded people and see what’s been happening within the local, national, and global world of Reiki.

Reiki Community Clinic
The newest project in the works is a clinic which will provide low-cost Reiki Treatments to anyone who wants one, and a volunteer opportunity  for Reiki practitioners to serve the local community.  Details coming soon.

A Calendar of Events can be found here.

Global Giving2009-07-31 17.24.58
SMHC’s global contributions currently focus on providing sustainable transportation in rural Africa through World  Bicycle Relief.  Our goal is to to raise $6700 to buy 50 Buffalo Bikes for students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs.  A simple bicycle is powerfully effective for improving the lives of those living in basic, survival conditions.

With a bicycle, students arrive to school safely, on time, and ready to learn.  Healthcare workers with bikes are able to visit more patients each day in the patient’s rural home when patients are often are too sick to travel to a clinic.  Entrepreneurs carrying their wares on bicycles can better support their families, thereby providing adequate nutrition, shelter, and other needs.

  • 5x   Riding a bicycle increases an individual’s capacity by 5x.
  • 4x   Over equal units of time, an individual can ride a bicycle 4x the distance as someone walking.
  • 3x   For every ten miles traveled, a bicycle saves 3 hours of valuable time.

10% of every dollar that is received by SMHC is donated to this project.  This is  not just 10% of profits, nor pre-tax income.  This is 10% of EVERY DOLLAR received through classes, workshops, Reiki treatments, and other services.  Additional contributions can be made here.  Donations are tax deductible.  Thank you for your support.

Sustainable Practicese2 logo
A philosophy of sustainability has been a cornerstone of Sacred Mountain Healing Center since its inception.  It is our commitment to support a healthy, vibrant planet by purchasing sustainable products, recycling, reusing materials, minimizing carbon producing transportation, and the like.  As a demonstration of this commitment, SMHC  has been a member of Salt Lake City’s e2 Business Program for the past 10 years.

We’re in this together!


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