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Reiki Blooms (with meditation video)

Blooming Garden
Did you know that you can use Reiki in the garden?  Yep!  As you’re planning and planting your garden this season, consider infusing your seeds with Reiki before putting them into the soil.  Infuse the water with Reiki before giving those seeds a drink.  Send Reiki in the direction of the plants themselves while caring for them (or stand back and beam Reiki to the whole lot at once).
Do your own experiment.  Share Reiki with one plant and not another.  See for yourself the difference that Reiki makes.
Blooming Self
And what about yourself?  You thrive with Reiki too.  Remember those goals you set for yourself in January?  They might be a distant memory by now, or maybe you’ve seen some sprouting and blooming in one of those areas!  Use Reiki to re-start your motivation and renew your passion.  Reiki can also give you clarity about the next step(s), connect you with people who can help, and clear away the decay to make room for new growth.
Use Reiki to connect with your SELF for self-compassion and love.  When you feel held, you will turn your face to the sun and shine your colors brightly for all to see!
Reiki for Blooms – SIMPLE Practices
Reiki balances and harmonizes.  Bloom where you’re planted with the guidance of Reiki.  
*  Complete the Three Diamonds Meditation while standing (barefoot if you want!) in your grass or in the forest.
*  Inhale the sweet freshness of Spring throughout the meditation.
Here’s a quick guided meditation video to balance your 3 haras (like chakras, but Japanese):
Japanese Reiki Meditation:  The Three Diamonds
How are you using Reiki, or other practices, to create blooming in your Self, your Life, and your Work?  Please comment below.