Reiki for Spring

New Hope
I’m walking around with a broken ankle and it’s giving me new insight.  I feel like something has died and the healing process is a new beginning, a re-birthing.  I’m seeing this in the growing warmth of the sun, and in the yard as bulbs are pushing leaves up through the surface.  Blooms are appearing.  And have you noticed the trees?  Some of them have leaves!

Going Deeper

I’m feeling the urge to clean up unfinished business and start fresh, both inwardly and outwardly.  In a few weeks, I will resume decluttering and organizing, particularly in the garage.  In the meantime, I’m looking inward at the seeds that are sprouting and at what’s blooming in my life, as well as at the debris that is in the way.  Reiki is a fantastic guide and cleanser through such a process.

Reiki for Spring – SIMPLE Practices
SPRING CLEANING the HEARTtiny-pink-flowers.jpg
Reiki is very comforting and healing in the repair of heart wounds and setting down burdens.  Use it to clear the way for greater happiness. 
* Complete a self-treatment focusing on the heart.  Place your loving hands there, offering compassion for the sadness within you.
* If you have symbols, use them to send Reiki to the source of the hurt.
* Apply Reiki to easily and frequently feel increasingly more love for yourself and others.
* Allow for wrap up and transmutation of that which no longer serves you.


Invite Reiki to clear your space energetically and assist you in clearing your space physically to support you mentally and spiritually.   
* Invite Reiki to flow as you make decisions about removing items from your space and reorganizing what’s left (the mental/emotional symbol is really great for this if you have it).
* Use the power symbol in the corners of the room, and in the center of the room, to clear the space of that which no longer serves those who use the space.
* Fill the newly organized space with Reiki’s light to support your renewed vision for the space, to create sacred space, and to give it a clear, crisp feeling.
I want to hear how you’re using Reiki, or other practices, to support change and growth in your home and life this Spring.  Please comment below!

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