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Reiki for Manifestation

Happy New Year!img_0011

Do you make resolutions?  I do!  People have said that they set goals or review the past year, but don’t make resolutions.

I do both.  Resolutions, goals, manifestations, dreams, plans, intentions, commitments…..they’re all the same to me.  And I do it.

Clarity is a container that works well for me.  I write down the vision.  I note the steps.  This gives me purpose and direction.  It tells me what to do with my days.

And I use Reiki.

*There was a hard month last year? I use Reiki to heal it.
* I started something that I want to continue?  I use Reiki to keep going.
* There is something that I want to create this year?  I use Reiki to make it happen

I Use Reiki:
* To heal fear, relationships, time sucks, and anything else that stands in my way (including me)
* To change my mindset from “I can’t” to “How?”
* To remind myself that I am worthy and capable and that my dream is possible
* To motivate me to keep taking deliberate action
* To connect me with the people, places, and funding needed
* To increase my creativity
* To increase my productivity
* To harmonize and clear the clutter from the chakras – from planting the seed to bringing the dream into the world
* To increase my focus and minimize distractions
* To make me brave
* To shine a light on the next step

……You get the idea.  And this doesn’t just happen in December and January.  I use Reiki throughout the year for all of my goals.

Recent Examples from My Life

I’ve been using Reiki lately:
* To keep me heading to the gym at 6:00 AM three days per week for a 6 week challenge.
* To help my muscles repair and rebuild.
* During my “Power Hour” practice – 20 min walk in the quiet early morn, 20 mins meditation (includes Reiki), and 20 mins inspirational reading.
* To retain information that I learn in my Personal Fitness Training certificate program.
* To clarify and develop the next services for our Reiki community.
Here are some simple ideas.  (There are SO MANY possibilities here that I REALLY had to work at paring this down.)  I’d love to see your own ideas in the comments below.  Please comment!

Reiki for Manifestation – SIMPLE Practices

Complete a self-treatment.  While focusing Reiki on each of the 7 chakras, amplify your emotions in each area and state the following affirmations:
* Chakra 1 I am safe in my body, I am safe in the
world, and I am safe in this manifestation process.
Chakra 2 I am highly creative, and I am excited about this goal.
Chakra 3 I am empowered.  My fire is blazing and I follow through.
Chakra 4 I am wise.  I tune into my heart when I make decisions.
Chakra 5 I am authentic.  I speak my truth about my feelings, thoughts and experiences.  My personal will is strong and unfailing.
Chakra 6 I am intuitive.  I know the next step.

Chakra 7 I am connected to the higher vision of my life and I am guided.


Complete a self-treatment, or activate Reiki and get settled for a meditation.  
* Do you have Usui and/or Karuna symbols?  Use them!
Send Reiki to the source of the fear/belief (Reiki knows the source).
Ask Reiki to move down through the generations of your family to clear this fear from the ancestral line.
Send Reiki to the new You who has confidence, courage, and faith.
Ask Reiki to flow to your future self to keep you moving forward even when fears and old beliefs surface.  You now recognize them as old patterns and can love yourself and move forward anyway.

* No training in symbols yet?  Simply activate Reiki and ask it to move through your life and your psyche in the ways described above.


Complete a self-treatment, or activate Reiki and get settled for a meditation.
* Quiet mental chatter and reassure yourself that you are safe in your body.  Ask Reiki to guide you to the hand positions that will accomplish this for you.  Trust your hands to go where they need to.

* Place your hands on your head, any position, and ask for clarity about your vision.  Ask for the next step to take.  It’s ok to not have all of the answers right now.  Take the nuggets you get from this practice, apply them, and then come back for the next few nuggets.


Activate Reiki and get settled for a meditation.  This can be very brief.
* Bring your vision to mind.
* Ask Reiki to bring to you the people, materials, training, inspiration, spaces, funding, etc. that you need to bring your dream to life.
* Allow Reiki to flow until you feel complete.

* Watch for the resources to show up in the next days, weeks, and months.


Complete a self-treatment, or activate Reiki and get settled for a meditation.  This can be short or long.  Meditate on these topics one at a time in separate meditations, or include all of them in one sitting.
* Ask Reiki to enhance your motivation, free up your time, eliminate distractions, improve your focus, and increase your creativity and productivity.

* Ask Reiki to be present with you, guiding and supporting you, as you complete each step toward your goal.

Now you.  How do you use Reiki to manifest?  Comment below.