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Answer the Call of the Dream Within

There is a dream awakening within you.

This dream calls to you.

It shows up as a heart flutter, a spark of inspiration, or a message shrouded in symbolism in the sleep of night.

“The calling arrives clothed in mystery because it comes from mystery; it comes to remind us of a mystery we agreed to take part in when we agreed to enter this life.”   Micheal Meade, “Fate and Destiny”

What is calling you?

What’s your story about your life and your IMG_5186limitations? What are the ego demons that you have lost yourself to?  There is gold deep within each of us that is waiting to shine in the world.  Freeing ourselves from our conditioning, in order to answer the voice calling from within, is one of the biggest hurdles we face.  Center yourself in the greater purpose of your calling in order to stand strong against the demon’s wind trying to blow you to the ground.

“The call that awakens gives both a vision worth pursuing and the permission necessary to take up the pursuit.”   Michael Meade, “Fate and Destiny”

Hope is the knowing that healing is possible, joy is possible, meaning and purpose is possible, happiness is possible, and love is possible. It is not necessary to keep living in the tension of survival mode. We CAN free ourselves from the grip of constant anxiety and fear of more pain, responsibility for others….whatever links make up your chain. The key to the lock is in your hand and in your heart.

Follow the heart, the voice of the inner calling. Trust it to carry you to a better place, a place of peace, safety, strength, presence, and wonder.  The call might be to simply speak to a group or an individual about a particular topic. Or it might be to change jobs, or move to a new location. It might affect daily life, and it might just be a moment in time.

“If we allow the inner thread to pull us, the unique ways in which we are woven and spun will help us to find our own way to survive and contribute to this world.”   Michael Meade, “The Genius Myth”

Elements of the Unfolding Dream

  •  The Call ItselfRight side path
  • Your Answer, Your Willingness
  • Naysayers and Doubters
  • Supporters (including the unexpected and unknowing)
  • Step by Step Revelation

The journey itself is essential for finding and collecting yourself in order to return changed and ready to present your gifts to the world.  Without the steps along the journey, you miss the deeper meaning and lack the deeper sense of purpose needed to be truly connected to the gold within.

“The future of this world is so much in question that each person needs to be considered a potential subject of a genuine ‘calling’ to serve in some meaningful way….Everyone has something to give if they give from their essential nature….At each turn in the road our life’s work awaits us; thus, our calling keeps calling no matter our age, position, or condition in life. Answering the call opens pathways of genius and imagination that can lead to finding one’s ‘dharma’ or natural way of being in life and serving in the world.”  Michael Meade, “The Genius Myth”

Unraveling the symbolism within story can be your guide through discovering the call, travelling the path, and stepping into the dream. Shining a light on the voyage brings renewed hope, solid faith, and the courage to follow your compass.

Your Calling

What is calling you right now?  IMG_3103
If you don’t already know, center yourself inside of your body and heart and ask the question.  Write, draw, or mentally note, what comes.  Consider it as true without dismissing  what comes.  Decisions about it can come later.

How does it show up?
Notice your feelings, dreams, the words of others, and symbolism within TV shows/radio/movies.  Pay attention to your heart flutters, moments that light you up, and the spark of an idea that shows up in the shower or while you’re cleaning.

What does the journey entail?
Your calling might require resources such as, time, money, energy, attention, or assistance from others.  It might also ask for a shift in beliefs or paradigm, a shift identity, feeling ready, schedule changes, planning, talking to others, writing ideas, or organizing efforts.

What does your resistance look like?
Answering the call can feel scary.  The vision must be stronger than the fear.  You may hear inner doubts such as, “I can’t because I don’t have or am not……..”  You might procrastinate.  You might plan, plan, plan and take no action.  Whatever the form of your resistance, be present with it, learn more about it, offer gratitude, then take the next step.

“The little-self resists our true calling for it fears being overwhelmed or rejected and typically prefers a familiar pain to an unknown joy.  Answering the call to a bigger life involves taking a greater risk and finding a different kind of security.”  Micheal Meade, “Fate and Destiny”

Who is your support?  Friends and family can be cheerleaders and bring you up when you feel down.  You can hire a coaches for guidance and accountability.  You can work with colleagues and fellow dreamers as accountability partners.  People you networks with or partner with can help promote your gold.  People who question and challenge you offer you the unexpected gift of becoming more clear about your vision and they teach  you how to better communicate about the dream.  Any of these supporters can help you stay motivated.

Stay Connected to the Dream

The best way to stay connected to the dream, and IMG_1722therefore motivated to bring it into the world, is to stay connected to yourself.  What does that for you?

  • Meditations are a great way to settle the dust of life, inspire creativity, and access the deepest layers of consciousness.
  • Journaling and automatic writing keep the juices flowing and allow new information to flow forth.
  • Mandalas, painting, drawing, and other art get us our of our heads and into our hearts.

The idea is to repeatedly come back to your hope, faith, and determination because you know that this calling is important for you.

The Purpose

You may only see the current purpose in front of you and not know how it fits into the whole puzzle.  And maybe you can see the whole picture.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you decide to answer the call and put one foot in front of the other.  Because that’s the only thing you CAN do.