How Do I Choose a Reiki Class?

In the 13 years that I’ve practiced Reiki, I’ve noticed some things about classes, teachers, and students.  No two Reiki practitioners are the same.  No two classes are the same.

This is like a Forrest Gump list of shrimp species.  Some Reiki instructors are more intuitively oriented and ask you right from the start to “use your intuition to guide your hands.”  Other teachers are very structured and are strict about their “rules.”  A third type of instructor has an integrated style of blending structure and flow for a balanced experience.

Some classes are long and some are short.  Some teachers require one month, 6 months, or a year between classes.  Some classes combine 2 levels in one course.

Then there’s the ART class.  Advanced Reiki Training was developed later in Reiki’s history.  Some teachers include an advanced training and others do not.  You can expect each ART class to contain different material.

Does location matter?  I’ve seen Reiki classes offered through the school district’s community education program.  I’ve also seen them included as electives at massage therapy schools.  Most teachers are private instructors and practitioners, often working out of their homes or small offices.


So, how do you choose one?  The good thing about Reiki is that it’s flexible and personal.

  1.  Ask yourself.
    Why do you want to learn Reiki?
    What is your preferred learning style?
    What do you want to do with Reiki?
  2. Ask your friends.
    Who is their favorite instructor or practitioner?
  3. Ask the teacher.
    What is her experience, teaching style, class format, philosophy and ethics?
    Does he do regular self-treatments (yes = good)?
    Do you like this person?

Ok, so now you’ve done some homework and have a lot of information about a few instructors.  How do you FEEL about each one?

The final decision is usually made by the subconscious mind.  You feel a pull toward Reiki, or a particular teacher or location, but you don’t know why.  That’s ok.  Trust it.  Most of my students said “it just felt right” when they found my class.  They just “knew” I was the right teacher for them.  Others started out to help a family member with serious health issues, and later discovered that they wanted to a be a professional Reiki practitioner or teacher.

The bottom line is that you’ll know when it’s right.  You might not know why, and the logics might not fit.  That’s ok.  I’ve had students train with one teacher and then turn around and train again with me.  They get something out of each style, each session.

If it feels right to you, jump in.  The money and schedule will fall into place.




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