Grounded in What?

“Are you ok?,” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said noncommittally after searching my inner world for “ok.”

I drifted to my car, fired up the engine, and headed home.  “Oh no!,” I thought as I entered the freeway feeling spacey and far away from my body.  “I’m not ‘ok’!”

I started patting my legs, arms and chest to “get back into my body.”  I’d just completed Shamanic journey work in the class I was taking, and I wasn’t grounded.  I realized that I couldn’t focus and I was driving at high speed.

This was one of many lessons I received on presence that we, in the spiritual community, call “grounded.”

“Not grounded” feels like being high, spacey, unfocused, or unbalanced.  It’s hard to find words and express our thoughts…..if we have any.


Grounded and present feels like being clear, strong, alert, in the moment, and often energized.  Words come easily.  We know ourselves, and honor ourselves, in this place.

I wasn’t safe driving on the freeway feeling so ungrounded that I wasn’t really in the car with myself.  Since then, I do my best to make sure my clients are present and clear before they leave our session.

Being grounded during Reiki sessions allows me to keep track of what’s going on with my client.  Is she grimacing?  Did he just move?  Maybe I can check in to see what’s going on.

Being grounded when talking to people about my work projects a sense of professionalism and credibility for such an abstract, experiential healing process.  It helps people feel safe.

But what is my work really grounded IN?

This is a whole new angle that I don’t hear people talking about.

The root of all that I do is to build a happy, healthy world through healing individual lives.  Thus, my work (and my life) is grounded in the philosophy that healing is possible, we heal ourselves, and I can offer something that will support you.

What is the foundation on which you stand?
What do your roots grab hold of as they reach into the earth to stabilize you in all that you do?
What is your life and work grounded in?


One response to “Grounded in What?

  1. I love your post’s Tracy. Wish I lived closer so I could come to some of your events. They sound very interesting but living 1 hour away and working full time with husband waiting at home makes it difficult for me to come. Please know I want to be their just not able to at this time. Hoping I can in future, Love you. Aunt Betty

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