Earn Your Living Honestly

Earn Your Living Honestly

This is Reiki principle #4 of 5.

Here are the first three:
Just for Today, Do Not Worry
Just for Today, Do Not Anger
Honor Your Parents, Teachers and Elders

AND you can read this to see what the 5 Principles are all about.

“Earn Your Living Honestly” Tree magnet Earn What does this mean to you?  When I ask this question of my Reiki level I students, I usually hear statements about being truthful and responsible in the work environment.  I certainly see this as one application of this principle.

However, when I look deeper, I find a wellspring of integrity within my very soul.

For me, “Earn” simply means “live.”  This is where I place my attention, energy, and resources.  What I focus on today, becomes my tomorrow.  What do I want tomorrow to look like?  The next 5 years?  10?  25?  I’m passionate about making choices today that deliberately create a future that has meaning and purpose.  This part of the principle reminds me to be clear, and to focus on what I desire most.

A Living
Again, this can relate to one’s job.  I also notice that it refers to other areas of my life.  What do my relationships look like?  My residence?  My daily activities?  Experiences throughout the year?  Life is my living.  I am living my life and I want to pay attention to what’s happening.

With Integrity.  Period.  I’m living with integrity when I’m honest with myself and others and am paying attention to how I feel.  Integrity is being in alignment with my values, prioritizing those things and people which are most important to me, and doing what makes me happy.

Earn Your Living Honestly = Live Your Life with Integrity

Here’s what this principle looks like in my life:

These things are really important to me.  I’m creating a job that I really love doing AND that creates income for the travel, bikes, and foods that I love most.  I’m in integrity when I make time for meditation, self-Reiki, and singing.  Eating raw chocolate from a local producer rather than a conventional grocery store brand, is in alignment with my values of a sustainable economy, nutrition, and a pleasurable eating experience.  Relationships that are mutually fulfilling, uplifting, and authentic increase my energy and happiness rather than draining me.

Your Integrity
Take inventory.

  • Where are you already living in alignment with what’s most important to you?
  • Which areas of your life are out of sync with YOU?
  • Where can you build in more meaning and purpose?  More fulfillment?
  • What do you most want to experience in your life?

Making Changes
Change is complex.  We have layers of subconscious beliefs and life habits on top of responsibilities, families, schedules, work……

And change is possible.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not hopeless.  With support, focus, clarity, self-awareness, self-acceptance, and patience, each of us can create the life of our dreams.  Really.  Cheesy….but really.  One step at a time and with patience.

Here are some things that have helped me:

Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles
I love this book.  Detailed, easy to read, “instructions” for each piece to address (mindset, getting support, steps to take).  Personal stories – if they can do it, so can I.  And accessible spirituality.  Jack encourages meditation, working with your subconscious, and working with your Divine to keep moving forward and to get results.

I have 2 accountability partners that I communicate with each week.  We share our accomplishments  from the past week and our goals for the upcoming week.  We also give each other feedback, perspective and encouragement.  Simply, these are like-minded friends who have a desire to live the life that they see in their heads.  No like-minded friends, acquaintances, or colleagues?  Life and business coaches can be hired for these same benefits, as well as guidance along the way.

Passion is my single best motivator.  It keeps me coming back to keep going.  I get discouraged sometimes, distracted, or disenchanted.  And then my heart peeks in to remind me of what I want and why I want it.  I can’t NOT do it.  It’s deep.  This vision, these experiences, are calling me forward and I must keep walking.


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