Honor Your Parents, Teachers, and Elders

This is Reiki principle #3 of 5.

Here are the first two:
Just for Today, Do Not Worry
Just for Today, Do Not Anger

AND you can read this to see what the 5 Principles are all about.

Now, we come to a place of Tree magnets Honorhonoring those in our lives and the gifts that they offer us.  These special angels are family members, mentors, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and passers by who happen to bump into us along the road of life.

In the practice of Reiki, we often find ourselves squeezing every morsel of goodness out of each experience.

Let’s break this down:  Honor Your Parents, Teachers, and Elders.

Merriam-Webster defines “honor” as “respect that is given to someone who is admired.”  This fits quite nicely.  We’ll go with that.

We have biological parents, step-parents, adoptive parents………and we have parent-type figures who nurture us and guide us during the course of our lives.  Who in your life serves as a mother figure for you?  Is there a father figure who has provided support and a pat on the back when needed most?  We honor their role in our lives and who we become because of their influence.

Teachers show up with the most variety and flavors.  Educators present themselves to us when we attend school and job training.  Mentors guide and encourage as we find our way along a particular path.  Instructors give us the information we need to participate in a fun hobby.  And the people who push our buttons….well.  Those are the best teachers of all, aren’t they?  Anyone who crosses your path can teach you something about yourself, a situation, humanity, and life.

EldersPeru April 2014 1119
We usually think of “Elders” as the older members in the community who have lived a rich life and gained wisdom along the way.  They offer us many gifts as we attempt to navigate our own rivers.  Then we have the “elders of circumstance” who are those who have come before us in a particular area.  For example, many of my Reiki students are older than myself.  I may serve as an “elder” of sorts for them as they begin their journey with Reiki.  I have accumulated more than a decade of experience and wisdom to help them get started.  My goal is also to uplift, encourage, and support as they develop their own relationship with Reiki and with themselves.

Your Practice
The practice of this principle finds us taking a step back to take in the big picture.  Who is this person in front of me?  How can I tap into the wisdom of this interaction?  There are many faces of Truth.  When I look at the person in front of me with new eyes, I see a mother, father, teacher, mentor, guide, cheerleader, and wisdom bearer who has something to offer.  I am grateful.


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