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BOOK REVIEW: Animal Reiki


“Animal Reiki:  Using energy to heal the animals in your life”
Elizabeth Fulton & Kathleen Prasad

Those of you who are trained in Reiki have undoubtedly used Reiki on your pets, someone else’s pets, or wild animals you’ve encountered.  Animals love it!  My students love it too.  Right after their first attunement at Level I, they often rush home, grab their pets, and offer Reiki.  

This book, “Animal Reiki,”  is a great way to expand your perspective about the possibilities, as well as learn the best ways to approach animals with Reiki.  I cried most of the way through it.

Animals are the greatest teachers.  Without being overbearing or pedantic, they seem to show us ways of progressing on our paths with kindness, strength and humor.  It’s only fitting that we reciprocate in kind.  The Reiki healing system is perfect for this as it carries with it respectful acknowledgement of animals’ expansive capabilities….they are naturals at accepting Reiki into their lives….Reiki is a complete energy healing system that invites connection with the Universal Source, asking us to tap into its vast consciousness with respect and reverence….Many of my clients have told me of the miraculous help Reiki has been for their animal companions.”  Foreword, Cheryl Schwartz, DVM

Quick Stats
This book is 236 pages and is divided into four parts:
*  An Introduction to Reiki
*  Guidelines for Healing Animals with Reiki
*  Reiki for Specific Animals
*  Expanding Your Reiki Journey

There are a number of chapters in each of the four parts.  Each chapter builds on the next and provides depth and greater detail while remaining easy to understand.

There is also an Appendix which contains resources for finding a teacher or practitioner, groups and services, animal hospice providers, related publications, veterinary practitioners, and related research.

What to Expect
The authors begin with a preface outlining ways in which Reiki can benefit animals, their educational and professional backgrounds, and their reasons for writing this book.  Each chapter is easy to read, informative and entertaining.  Pictures and text boxes with personal stories are included on nearly every page (this is why I cried nearly the whole way through).  

If you’re a Reiki newbie, you’ll finish the book (or the first section) with more understanding of the Reiki system and how it can be used with animals.  For trained practitioners, you will receive enough instruction in this book to begin using Reiki with animals even at Level I.

Sample Story for Horse Lovers:   Kodiak: Baby Blue Eyes
“Kodiak and I found each other in February 2005.  Recently turned four, he’s truly a ‘1,000-pound toddler.’  His attention span is really short, everything goes in his mouth, and he loves to say ‘No!’ and see what happens.  It’s a new and exciting experience for me to be a part of his growing up.  I’ve been able to watch his baby teeth fall out and to be there to watch him learn new things every day; he’s so smart and curious, he absorbs every new experience with passion.  The sparkling and vibrant energy he gives off is infectious to everyone around him.

Kodiak takes Reiki the way he lives life – he absorbs it with 110 percent enthusiasm, and then after a few minutes, he’s ready for the next adventure.  A few days after I brought him home, Kodiak stumbled into a fence and cut his nose.  After the veterinarian stitched it up, I offered him Reiki to help him heal.  As the Reiki began flowing, he yawned repeatedly, closed his eyes and lowered his head to sleep.  After about 15 minutes, he woke up and looked at me as if to say, “OK, I’m done.  What’s next?”  Subsequent Reiki treatments are the same:  short but powerful.  As long as I continue to ask permission and allow him to determine the duration of the treatment, Kodiak is a very willing ‘Reiki sponge.’ – Kathleen”

Where to Find this Book
Good Reads
Elizabeth Fulton, Animal Communicator

Have you already read this book?  Do you use Reiki with animals?  Comment below with your experiences.  I’d love to know what it was like for you.  

Are you interested in taking an animal Reiki class?  I want to hear about that too.  I have someone in mind.